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The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is a widely used citation style for writing research papers, especially in the field of the humanities. One important aspect of the MLA style is the format of the title page, which should include the following elements:

  1. A running head: This is a shortened version of your paper's title (usually no more than 50 characters) that appears at the top of every page. It is optional to include the running head on the title page.

  2. The title of your paper: The title should be centered and written in title case (i.e., all major words are capitalized). The title should be double-spaced and should not exceed 12 words.

  3. Your name: Your name should be written in normal font and should be double-spaced below the title.

  4. Your instructor's name: The instructor's name should be written in normal font and should be double-spaced below your name.

  5. The course name and number: The course name and number should be written in normal font and should be double-spaced below the instructor's name.

  6. The date: The date should be written in normal font and should be double-spaced below the course name and number.

Here is an example of how a properly formatted MLA title page should look:

Running head: TITLE OF PAPER Title of Paper Your Name Professor's Name Course Name and Number Date

Note that the running head, title, name, instructor's name, course name and number, and date should all be double-spaced. The title page does not require a page number.

It is important to follow the MLA style guidelines for the title page, as it helps to create a professional and consistent appearance for your paper. By following these guidelines, you will be well on your way to creating a well-written and properly formatted research paper.

An American Beauty is a term often used to describe a person who is considered physically attractive in accordance with societal standards in the United States. While there is no official job description for an American Beauty, the term is often used in the entertainment industry to refer to actors, models, and other public figures who are known for their good looks.

In the entertainment industry, an American Beauty may be required to maintain a certain level of physical attractiveness in order to secure roles and maintain their public image. This may involve staying in good physical shape, taking care of their skin and hair, and following a healthy diet.

However, it is important to note that an individual's attractiveness is subjective and can vary from person to person. Beauty standards also change over time, and what is considered attractive in one era may not be considered attractive in another. Therefore, it is important for an American Beauty to be confident in their own appearance and not rely solely on societal standards of attractiveness to define their worth.

It is also worth noting that an American Beauty should not be solely judged or defined by their physical appearance. It is important to recognize and appreciate an individual's other qualities and accomplishments, such as their intelligence, talent, and character.

In conclusion, while there is no official job description for an American Beauty, it is often used in the entertainment industry to refer to individuals who are considered physically attractive according to societal standards. However, it is important to recognize that attractiveness is subjective and that an individual's worth should not be solely based on their physical appearance.

Selfishness has always been a trait that has been present in human nature, but it seems to have become more prevalent in present-day society. The concept of selfishness refers to the act of prioritizing one's own interests and desires above those of others. While it is natural for individuals to prioritize their own needs and wants, excessive selfishness can lead to negative consequences for both the individual and those around them.

In present-day society, there are a number of factors that contribute to the increase in selfish behavior. One of the main drivers of selfishness is the emphasis on individualism and personal success. With the rise of social media and the proliferation of personal branding, people are encouraged to prioritize their own success and advancement above the well-being of others. This focus on individual achievement can lead people to make selfish decisions that prioritize their own needs above those of others.

Another factor contributing to selfishness in present-day society is the influence of consumer culture. In a society where people are constantly bombarded with advertisements and the message that material possessions are a measure of success, it is easy for people to become more focused on acquiring material goods for themselves rather than considering the needs of others. This focus on consumption can lead to selfish behavior as people prioritize their own desires for material possessions over the well-being of others.

Selfishness can also be fueled by a lack of empathy and compassion. In a society where people are constantly connected through technology and social media, it is easy for people to become disconnected from one another and less empathetic towards others. This lack of empathy can lead to selfish behavior as people are less inclined to consider the needs and feelings of others.

While selfishness may seem like a natural part of human nature, it is important to recognize that it can have negative consequences. Excessive selfishness can lead to social isolation, as people who prioritize their own interests over those of others may struggle to form and maintain relationships. It can also contribute to a lack of cooperation and collaboration, as people who are overly self-centered may be less willing to work with others towards a common goal.

Ultimately, selfishness is a trait that can have negative consequences for both the individual and those around them. While it is natural for individuals to prioritize their own needs and wants, it is important to also consider the needs and well-being of others. By cultivating empathy and compassion, and by recognizing the value of cooperation and collaboration, we can work towards a more selfless and compassionate society.

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essay on selfishness in present days

In fact, literature can shock us about the idea of selfishness and give us pause and new insights into it, if not necessarily cause us to realize our own lack of Selfishness: Human and Selfish The selfish nature of humans Selfishness. ADVERTISEMENTS: Human beings are so constituted by nature that they cannot enjoy happiness worthy of the name without being in sympathy with their fellow-men. The answer lies in the selfish nature of mankind itself. The ability of literature to have us experience different worlds through different perspectives is fairly useful for combating this. Once Jews entered the death camps they were OBLIVIOUS to what was going on at the time. Selfish acts are constantly being carried out by humans towards one another.


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essay on selfishness in present days

The selfish nature of humans Selfishness. To become unselfish is, of course, easier for some natures than for others; but all must learn it. Frist we must define these two terms to help us understand the difference between them. Selfishness must not be confused with self-love. However, it is hard for me to understand why he would stay with the Nazi party when the rules consisted of killing innocent people. History gives many conspicuous instances of selfishness in the case of despotic monarchs taught by their flatterers to think that they had nothing else to do in the world but seek the gratification of their appetites. It is quite possible that a selfish man may by cunning or determination induce his friends and relations to sacrifice their interests to his.


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essay on selfishness in present days

A truly selfish person would never consider the possibility that they are selfish. Choosing to pursue the career of your choice is selfish. Conor O'Malley is thirteen, but his experiences and hardships are ones that those who are beyond their years have not necessarily needed to overcome. Thomas Hobbes, the author of The Leviathan, was a renowned English philosopher during the end of the 17th century; the wide-reaching English empire was only hearing rumblings from the rebellious colonies across the pond. That is why I remained deaf to his criesā€¦So afraid was I to incur the wrath of the S. The answer is rather vague, and the ambiguity of the response is meant to mask the shameful reality; we, the human race, are selfishly disgusting.


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essay on selfishness in present days

The need to own something great, the hunger for power and the addiction for attaining superiority is intensified by the selfishness which humans normally possess. However, such acts are necessary for human survival. Psychologists believe that altruistic behavior is a part of how we evolved. Although it is never acceptableā€¦ Taboos In Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita Simply separating Humbert's character through and through outfits the peruser with a fair of possible zones of stress, from mental issues to deviation from socially recognized lead and moral quality in present day society. Selfishness if when a person makes decisions based on self with no regard to others. Jonze captures the depth of human emotion and the idea that a protagonist can still be immoral, not having to fit character tropes. Most of not all Nazis were in the camps because they were put there.


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essay on selfishness in present days

One wrong word could land a person in jailā€”or killed. It has been giving us almost everything we need, but as humans continue being inhumane, how long can that really go? Yet why do some people love doing things that contributes to its demolishment despite knowing the fact that nature is something that is hard to save? He is also in many cases rived to the lesser blessing of receiving kindness and assisĀ­tance from his fellow-men. It is quite possible that a selfish man will cunningly persuade his relatives and friends to sacrifice their interests to his. They range from the extremely selfish of taking another's life in order to gain something for yourself to the mildly selfish of doing voluntary work for a charity in order to "help society," but ultimately to give yourself the satisfaction of knowing you have done a good deed. The natural instincts of humans is that of being self-centered and to survive no matter what. Though much has been achieved, there have been events in history that have deeply dehumanized the human soul itself. Every kind act is twice blessed, and blesses alike him that gives and him that takes.


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essay on selfishness in present days

It would be something that is far from the harm and pain inflicted by humans, yet will always be openhanded. But in the long run they defeat their own object, and find that by exclusive attention to their own happiness they have deprived themselves of the highest and most permanent sources of happiness. Some believe in order to survive humans must be selfish and think of their own needs aboveā€¦ Who is to say whether someone should or should not be selfish? Why is it that even with many witnesses, no one dares to take a step forward to save the victim? But is this true? Selfishness Essay Selfishness Most of us assume that selfishness is both wrong and unhealthy. Abigail acts selfishly because she wants to have a relationship with John Proctor. In both selections of the chapter both philosophers compared how ones selfish action is based on the question, who benefits from it? The idea behind altruism is so intriguing due to the fact that human beings are by nature selfish, and it is human instinct to provide for oneself above anyone else. But an unselfish person is loved, and only he knows the deep joy of doing well to others. We characteristically do not like conflict.


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essay on selfishness in present days

There are also different variations of altruism. Thirdly, Characters act selfishly when they want to attain romance. A personality trait that only bad people have. ADVERTISEMENTS: They seem to be quite blind to the fact that by their course of life they must infallibly sacrifice their general happiness for the sake of a limited number of not very valuable pleasures. Selfishness: An Inescapable Plague As humans, we are inconsiderate, egoistic, greedy animals who proceed down the most revolting and corrupt path in order to achieve our desired goals. Unfortunately, as the government grew out of its infancy stage, it became self-aware.


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essay on selfishness in present days

People want to avoid the strenuous effort necessary to make his or her point. Selfishness is self-love carried to excess. Perhaps the most obvious example of selfishness in the novel is the prolonged conflict between Ralph and Jack. Extremely selfish people are often marked in history for negative reasons. Nature would be nature.


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essay on selfishness in present days

They are to it what the salt is to the sea-they keep it clean and fresh. Most of us would rather avoid conflict than stand up for others. From here, an unrivaled picture can be made towards the perception of why perusers are so impenetrable to unfathomable subjects depicted in fiction. Now, in terms of a competitive market economy, selfishness will lead to eventual collapse, while self-interest could potentially increase the general good, even if inadvertently. Selfishness is part of the nature of every living human being.