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A mini research proposal is a brief document that outlines the main aspects of a research project. It is typically used to seek funding or approval for a research project and serves as a summary of the project's goals, methods, and expected outcomes.

A mini research proposal typically includes the following elements:

  1. Introduction: This section should provide a brief overview of the research topic, including the research question or hypothesis being addressed.

  2. Literature review: This section should summarize relevant research that has already been conducted on the topic and provide a rationale for the proposed research.

  3. Methodology: This section should outline the research design, including the sample size, data collection methods, and data analysis techniques that will be used.

  4. Expected outcomes: This section should describe the expected outcomes of the research, including any hypotheses that will be tested and the implications of the findings.

  5. Budget: This section should outline the budget for the research project, including any funds that are needed to cover the costs of data collection, analysis, and dissemination of the results.

  6. Conclusion: This section should summarize the main points of the proposal and highlight the importance of the proposed research.

Here is a sample mini research proposal to give you an idea of how these elements might be structured:

Title: "Exploring the Impact of Parental Involvement on Student Achievement"


Parental involvement in a child's education has been shown to have a positive impact on academic achievement. However, little is known about the specific ways in which parental involvement affects student achievement. This study aims to explore the relationship between parental involvement and student achievement in a sample of elementary school students.

Literature review:

Numerous studies have examined the relationship between parental involvement and student achievement, with most finding a positive correlation (Jones, 2018; Smith, 2016). However, there is a lack of consensus on the specific ways in which parental involvement affects student achievement. Some research suggests that parental involvement may have a stronger impact on academic achievement in the early years of a child's education (Brown, 2019), while other studies have found no difference between the effects of parental involvement in different grade levels (Wilson, 2020). This study aims to contribute to the existing literature by examining the relationship between parental involvement and student achievement in a sample of elementary school students.


This study will be a cross-sectional survey of elementary school students in a suburban school district. A sample of 100 students in grades 3-5 will be selected using stratified random sampling, with equal numbers of students from each grade level. Data will be collected using a self-report questionnaire, which will be administered to students during a regular school day. The questionnaire will include items related to parental involvement, including frequency of communication with teachers and participation in school activities. Student achievement will be measured using standardized test scores from the previous school year. Data will be analyzed using regression analysis to examine the relationship between parental involvement and student achievement.

Expected outcomes:

It is expected that this study will find a positive relationship between parental involvement and student achievement in the sample of elementary school students. This study will contribute to the existing literature by providing more detailed information on the specific ways in which parental involvement affects student achievement in the early years of a child's education.


The total budget for this study is $10,000. This includes $5,000 for data collection and analysis, $3,000 for dissemination of the results (e.g., conference presentations, publication fees), and $2,000 for research-related expenses (e.g., travel, supplies).


This study aims to explore

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mini research proposal sample

Since you have selected the approaches, you should also use it to argue why it is the best approach to examine the study problem. The paper "Business Case Regarding the proposal of Affordable Housing in Port Hedland" discusses that the project business case is comprehensively defined with some necessary minor assumptions in the planning process and the case is equipped to get suitable interest from the shareholders. This section is meant to provide the reader with a summarized description of the problems you seek to address through your research proposal. Othersā€”such as Justificationā€”are subject to change if you prefer to write about the study's significance instead. It then talks about the implications, recommendations and conclusion. In order to overcome these challenges, students must broaden and deepen their subject knowledge while also honing their Academic Writing Skills. Many more methodological features might be included in the methodology section, such as coding variables, missing value treatment, reliability and validity, and the tests to be employed.


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mini research proposal sample

Social scientists, including communication scholars, employ quantitative research to examine phenomena or occurrences that affect humans. Work plan and time schedule Succeeding your research methodology is the plan of how to execute the proposed research project. Discuss whether and how your proposed study draws upon, deviates from, synthesizes, or contributes new knowledge to existing literature. Introduction Many people have no idea of what they expect to achieve after retirement when asked about their retirement plans. This is a better approach instead of chronologically or methodically describing sets of studies one by one. Keep it simple, and work towards conciseness while preserving academic integrity and leveraging readability. This will make sure that your ideas and thoughts will be properly laid out.


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mini research proposal sample

Then wrap it all up by providing a conclusion. It also seeks to discuss key aspects that must be considered to help ensure that you can convert your proposed study into well-conducted actual research work. Give more details about the importance of your study. The abstract needs to be entirely your own words, as every abstract should be completely different, unique in its approach to your topic. Books, publications, theses, journals, and other sources were utilized to create a research proposal example. As with any research paper, the proposed research must clearly inform the reader how the study will investigate the problem.


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But grant-seeking is not for the faint-hearted individuals. Ensure you write some sentences explaining how individuals benefit from your study. Leave no room for assumptions. Nonetheless, integrating the specific instructions and guidelines of your institution with the key considerations and best practices discussed in this article will help ensure the approval of your proposal. If your study is full-time, you should complete it within three years, with writing up completed in the fourth year of registration. How to Write a Research Proposal Writing a proposal could be a tedious and complex task, especially if asking for a grant. It must include possible scientific experiments, written resources as references, and data gathering processes.


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mini research proposal sample

In my opinion, such incidents which c reate unsupportive environment can affect students' self-esteem and morale, and even cause some students' unwillingness to come to school or to have interest in learning. You must also provide compelling evidence that your selected topic is worthy of a thorough examination. The significance of this study, on the other hand, describes the value of your research area. The purpose of this study is to identify factors affecting the usage of I-Learn in UiTM towards students' performance. . A key component of any successful grant application is the ability to describe your work in sufficient detail to establish your competence on the subject while also communicating the value of your work in the larger context of your field.



mini research proposal sample

The following are some of its drawbacks: 1. Listed below are the advantages of quantitative research: 1. They are satisfied with paying money there. Below is a list of the different ways and examples of writing research proposals. Make a thorough definition of your project, as well as its purpose and aims, in the remaining two-thirds of the essay. You also need to discuss the advantages of the methods as well as set parameters to the limitations of using such methods. It gives a background of the different variations you may employ to better help test your hypothesis.


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mini research proposal sample

The collecting of data based on a theory or hypothesis is usually the first step in quantitative research employing statistical methods, followed by the application of descriptive or inferential statistical methods. For every problem statement, there should be a corresponding detailed explanation about the purpose of the study. What Is the Difference Between Reliability and Validity? Remember that the best titles are the ones that are catchy and at the same time tell what the research approach is or the key questions to be answered by the research study. Research is valuable in daily life because it is a tool that facilitates learning and builds knowledge. Include a description of how your faculty mentor s aided you in identifying your aims and objectives, as well as how they have led you thus far and will continue to do so in your writing.


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mini research proposal sample

In this segment, outline the different phases of your study with their respective timelines. Here are a few tips on how to write it. You will see an improvement in your thoughts and approaches as a result of adopting this material into your thought process. Instead, create your own work or proposal. However, it has the additional sense of having been purposefully and consciously produced or accepted for a specific scientific aim.