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An IT report is a document that outlines the findings, conclusions, and recommendations resulting from an investigation or analysis of a specific IT-related issue or problem. The format of an IT report may vary depending on the purpose, audience, and content of the report, but there are certain elements that are commonly included in most IT reports.

The structure of an IT report typically includes the following components:

  1. Title page: This includes the title of the report, the author's name, and the date of submission.

  2. Executive summary: This is a brief overview of the main points and conclusions of the report. It should be written in plain language and be accessible to readers who may not be familiar with the technical details of the issue being addressed.

  3. Table of contents: This lists the main sections and subsections of the report, with corresponding page numbers.

  4. Introduction: This provides context for the report and explains the purpose, scope, and methodology of the investigation.

  5. Background: This section provides a summary of the relevant information and context that led to the need for the investigation.

  6. Analysis: This section presents the findings of the investigation in detail, including any data or evidence that was gathered.

  7. Conclusions: This section summarizes the main points of the analysis and presents the main conclusions that can be drawn from the investigation.

  8. Recommendations: This section proposes solutions or recommendations for addressing the issue or problem that was investigated.

  9. Appendices: This section includes any additional information or materials that are relevant to the report but not included in the main body of the document, such as charts, graphs, tables, or technical details.

An IT report should be written in a clear and concise manner, with appropriate headings and subheadings to organize the information. It should also be carefully proofread to ensure that it is free of errors and easy to understand.

Here is an example of an IT report format:

Title page:

IT Report: Analysis of Network Outages

Author: John Doe

Date: January 1, 2022

Executive summary:

This report presents the results of an investigation into the causes of network outages that have been occurring at XYZ Company over the past six months. The analysis revealed that the outages were primarily caused by outdated hardware and software, and inadequate network monitoring and maintenance. Based on these findings, we recommend upgrading the hardware and software, implementing a more robust network monitoring system, and establishing a regular maintenance schedule.

Table of contents:

I. Introduction

II. Background

III. Analysis

IV. Conclusions

V. Recommendations

VI. Appendices


The purpose of this report is to investigate the causes of the network outages that have been occurring at XYZ Company over the past six months, and to provide recommendations for addressing the issue. The scope of the investigation includes all aspects of the company's network infrastructure, including hardware, software, and maintenance practices. The methodology used for the investigation included analysis of network logs and performance data, interviews with IT staff, and review of relevant documentation.


XYZ Company has been experiencing intermittent network outages over the past six months, which have caused disruption to business operations and customer service. The IT department has been working to identify the causes of the outages and find solutions to prevent them from occurring in the future.


Our analysis revealed that the outages were primarily caused by outdated hardware and software, and inadequate network monitoring and maintenance. The company's routers and switches were more than five years old and running outdated firmware

Report Writing Format with Templates and Sample Report

it report format sample

All of your data and narrative in the body of the report should support the conclusions and recommendations. The bottom of this monthly IT report template for management demonstrates the financial and customer-relevant metrics such as the percentage of IT expenses, per employee, service expenses, business system use, and net promoter score. Introduction Now we come to the introduction. You should also add any links that are relevant to the report — or previous reports about the same topic. If your report is sloppy, difficult to read and follow, readers may conclude that the research was sloppy and disorganized. Customize this report template and make it your own! Choose the template that meets your needs and customize it in any way that you wish - you truly won't believe how easy it is. Click on the button above to personalize the purple and white digital marketing annual report.


Training Report

it report format sample

Customize this report template and make it your own! This prevents the one preparing the report from claiming the information as entirely his or her own. Stay compliant: As we migrate to an increasingly digital existence, rules and regulations around data protection are becoming more and more stringent. These pages are the perfect start for an ongoing reporting strategy from sales to marketing and customer success. Real-time data: Another IT report best practice is working with real-time insights. If you have Google Analytics tracking for your social media ads, simply use our integration to add your results from GA directly. If you spot inefficiencies and higher amounts of issues, for example, from the DNS perspective, or hardware failure, you need to take a closer look at what happened and why.


17 Professional Technical Report Templates and Examples (Free Download)

it report format sample

After the lunch break, the chief guest discussed the future measures an individual can take to reduce pollution. Customize this report template and make it your own! Each of these eight elements ensures that you leave no stone unturned and that your reader knows exactly what they're learning in your report and how you gathered this information. The main objective of the camp was to bring awareness to adults who have crossed the age limit of formal education and are searching for an opportunity to study. Click on the button above to use this fun and vibrant annual report template. Ensure a smooth process for replicating your successful project or simply monitor your technique, process model, and more with our following templates. It should conclude the major results, conclusions, and recommendations for the document or project. This report template is just what you need to show your findings.


Report Writing Format: Important Topics and Learning Examples

it report format sample

Summarize the key points of your report logically and systematically. In an IT department, juggling several plates is a big part of the job. Add diagrams that are easy to understand and support the narrative in your document. CTOs have the task to manage multiple IT-related touchpoints and ensure that internal and external technological areas are aligned and have the potential to grow. If the research has concluded, they may want to find a company to develop a product and introduce the concept to the marketplace.


General report

it report format sample

Customize this report template and make it your own! Though a report writing format may differ depending on the purpose or the policy given by an entity, there are a few components of an average report format that you can follow. . This type of report can be used to tell the development that has happened within the day. Customize this report template and make it your own! This section includes the name of the report or the topic of the report , the name of the authors with the necessary descriptions , the name of recipients e. All the Class 12 students of MMD School participated in the symposium. But, akin to many other industries, the information technology sector faces the age-old issue of producing IT reports that boost success by helping to maximize value from a tidal wave of digital data.


IT Report

it report format sample

Agility: As every modern IT report template is fully customizable and offers access to every insight, 4. Stick to the data that is pertinent to the subject and supports your conclusions and recommendations. Incident Report Sample Disaster will strike sooner or later, but it cannot go undocumented. Template 4: Budget Report Do you need a report to visualize your budget to share with investors and stakeholders? A formal report typically carries information obtained from the research, Formal reports may either be informative or analytical and they discuss a certain problem in-depth. Embed bigger data visualizations from Tableau or Power BI with our third-party media integration.


49+ Report Samples

it report format sample

Customize this report template and make it your own! Add that as a subtitle. This template is what you need. All the more reason to keep track of every detail through an 36. Customize this report template and make it your own! Close your report with a well-crafted conclusion. Customize this report template and make it your own! Customize this report template and make it your own! The symposium was highly informative and ended with a vote of thanks from the monitor of Class 12.


50 Professional Technical Report Examples (+Format Samples) ᐅ

it report format sample

You need to logically write the factors that led to the development of the project. Cloud-based environments are also more responsive, allowing you more flexibility when it comes to carrying out analytical tasks and strategic activities. Having a table of contents will also help in providing a listed overview of what the report contains from the get-go. To manage every aspect with efficiency, you must work with the right tools and follow the best practices. Without it, your organization would fall apart pretty quickly. Documents like a 49. Customize this report template and make it your own! This should be no longer than a single paragraph or two.